Volunteer Wardens and Information Centre Helpers Needed

I'm writing to ask you for your help in looking after Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve. We will soon be relaunching the Volunteer Wardening Scheme and, with the opening of the new information centre, we are also looking to establish a group of Volunteer Information Centre Helpers.

The Volunteer Wardening Scheme has being running successfully for over a year. However, we would very much like to recruit additional people to help the countryside service in its care of the marsh. This is a vital and interesting role which includes patrolling, helping people to enjoy their visit to the nature reserve, encouraging visitors to observe the countryside code and helping with the running of the new information centre. There will be opportunities to learn about the marsh, improve wildlife identification skills as well as becoming involved with wildlife monitoring, bird disturbance surveys and the mapping of rare flora.

Volunteer Information Centre Helpers are a new group who will help staff and operate the new information centre. The construction phase of the centre is complete and it is already being used by seasonal and volunteer wardens, the Friends of Stanpit Marsh and as a base for the start of guided walks. The next and most important phase of the project is to open the centre more fully so that it can start to fulfil its purpose of providing visitors with information about the nature reserve. The role of the Volunteer Information Centre Helpers will be to help look after the new building, welcome visitors to the centre and answer questions about the nature reserve.

Opening of the new visitor's centre and interior view

Can you help with either or both of the above roles? Ideally, we would like to recruit a base of 20 to 30 people who are willing to do regular stints from as little as half a day a month . Please feel free to apply for one or both roles but we understand that wardening may suit some, whilst others will be happier helping in the new centre.

If you would like more information, or know people who may be interested, please get in touch by telephoning the Countryside Service on 01425 272479 or by emailing p.holloway@christchurch.gov.uk

All volunteers working with the Countryside Service are covered by Christchurch Council's insurance and are given a full induction about the nature reserve including health and safety information. In addition, there are benefits for volunteers including free entry to guided walks and events, refreshments, email updates about nature conservation in Christchurch and an 'end of term' volunteer party.

Thank you


Peter Holloway
Countryside and Open Spaces
Christchurch Borough Council
tel. 01425 272479
email p.holloway@christchurch.gov.uk

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