Indoor Meetings

Winter 2020-21

All currently listed meetings will be Virtual. To register for them, please email...

Wednesday, October 14th, 7.30-8:30pm
The Great Bustard Group – David Waters, Executive Officer
Great Bustards were formerly very much a part of British wildlife. They became extinct in Britain in the 1840s due to collectors and changes in agriculture. David will take us through the feasibility studies regarding the reintroduction of the Great Bustard, started in 1998, the first releases in 2004, and how these beautiful and charismatic birds are now faring on Salisbury plain.

Wednesday, November 11th, 7.30-8:30pm
Dorset Birding: Past, Present & Future – Nick Hull
Dorset is a diverse county for wildlife encompassing a wide variety of habitats. Nick will take us through the winners and losers amongst bird species, how birdwatching has changed, loss of habitat, new reserves, where to go, and when and what the future might hold.

Wednesday, December 9th, 7.30-8:30pm
Snakes in the Dorset Heather – Owain Masters, ARC
The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, based in Bournemouth, was established in June 2009 in recognition of the wider needs of herpetofauna conservation, and provides the UK focus for all aspects of amphibian and reptile conservation. Owain will explain how ARC conserves amphibians and reptiles, and the habitats on which they depend, to protect them for future generations. It is a small charity with 30 staff. They own 24 sites, and manage 80 sites, working with around 1,000 volunteers each year. ARC patrons include Chris Packham and Iolo Williams.

Wednesday 13th January
Tunnicliffe's Anglesey - Paul Rogers
This talk takes us on a guided tour of the island of Anglesey and to the sites that Charles Tunnicliffe, the internationally renowned painter visited; looking at some of the birds and wildlife that played such a big part in his life. Peter Scott, the ornithologist, broadcaster and fellow artist, believed that ‘the verdict of posterity in time to come is likely to rate Charles Tunnicliffe the greatest wildlife artist of the twentieth century’

Tuesday 26th January
Bird Identification Workshop
- Nick Whitehouse
An on-line workshop aimed at helping beginners or those wishing to refresh their birding skills. Nick will take the group through a simple, step-by-step system for identifying birds and the workshop will assume no prior knowledge.  Whilst this on-line workshop is stand alone, we intend to repeat it - linked to a field study session. This will likely be at Stanpit Marsh when things return to the new-normal and we can put the theory into practice on some of our local bird species.

Wednesday 10th February
Rewilding Blashford Lakes

Bob Chapman, Senior Reserves Officer for Hampshire Wildlife Trust
Blashford Lakes, a former gravel pit complex, is now largely given over to wildlife; with trails and hides giving excellent views of birds and other wildlife.Bob will tell us his story of the re-wilding of this superb, local-to-Christchurch nature reserve.

Wednesday 10th March 2021
Return of the Peregrine - Keith Betton
Keith, Chairman and County Recorder of the Hampshire Ornithological Society, is a birdwatcher, writer and broadcaster, and has studied Peregrines for almost ten years. In a beautifully illustrated talk, he will explain how the world's fastest bird lives and thrives alongside us, and how for many years their very existence in the UK was on a knife-edge.

Unless stated, each meeting will take place at 7:30pm at St Nicholas' Church Hall,
The Broadway, Hengistbury Head, BH6 4EP.

Entry is free for CHOG members and £2:00 for non-members.
Refreshments will be available at each meeting.
We have a number of publications available including the current edition of Birds of Christchurch HarbourReport CoverAlso, back issues from previous years and other goodies.