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Black-headed Gulls Larus ridibundus at Stanpit- 27th July 2009

Alan Hayden has managed to photograph yet more colour-ringed birds within Christchurch Harbour. This time it was two Black-headed Gulls seen loafing around "The Log" at Stanpit on the evening of 27th July. The first is seen immediately below (2K92):-

Black-headed Gull 2K92 Stanpit July 27th 2009 Alan Hayden
Close-up of 2K92 on left tarsus Stanpit July 27th Alan Hayden

The bird was originally ringed as a fledgling chick on 10th June 2008 at Cokes Pit near Somerford Keynes in Gloucestershire. This is part of the Cotswold Water Park. See recoveries & controls for details of other ringed birds seen or trapped in Christchurch Harbour.

John Wells, the original ringer, tells me that sightings of his gulls show that they migrate to the South and West with sightings mainly in Ireland, West wales Cornwall and a few in France Spain and Portugal.

Click here for a full report on the ringing of Black-headed Gulls at Cotswold Water Park.

The second bird (see photos below) was ringed in Poole Harbour on 13th June 2004 as a fledgling chick by Pippa Wood who at the time was doing a PhD assessing the impact of gull egg collection in the Poole and Lymington areas.

Black-headed Gull "JC" Stanpit Alan Hayden
Black-headed Gull "JC" Stanpit Alan Hayden

Kevin Sayer