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Dartford Warblers in East Dorset by Kevin Sayer

The population of Dartford Warblers in Dorset was recently estimated at 754 territories (Dorset Bird Report 2006) and no other county in the UK holds more. So it is a species which we should monitor closely and by colour-ringing these birds we can record both survival rates and distribution. Apart from Hengistbury Head, several other heathlands in East Dorset are being visited in order to trap and ring Dartford Warblers.

In conjunction with other local ringers we are trapping and ringing these birds outside the breeding season and attaching colour-rings in order to make re-sightings that much easier. We have been doing this since 2006 and have so far in Dorset marked in excess of 100 birds.

If any colour-ringed birds are spotted then please contact me here with details. Thanks.