Ringing Features

Differences in the wings of Acrocephalus Warblers during Autumn

Two of the easier birds to age (and identify) during the autumn season are the sedge warbler acrocephalus schoenobaenus and reed warbler acrocephalus scirpaceus . Below are 4 photos showing the wings of each species at adult and juvenile stages.

Reed Warbler Adult Kevin Sayer
Note overall lighter brown tones and worn edging to tertials and greater coverts.
Worn tips to both primary and secondary feathers.

Reed Warbler Juvenile Kevin Sayer
Note overall darker browner tones. All feathers have a "fresh" look and tips of secondaries and primaries are un-worn.

Sedge Warbler Adult Kevin Sayer
Similar to adult reed warbler with overall light-brown tones and worn edges to coverts,secondaries and primaries.

Sedge Warbler Juvenile Kevin Sayer
Note fresh light-brown edges to tertials,coverts and secondaries. Overall a much darker-brown.

Kevin Sayer