About CHRS

Christchurch Harbour Ringing Station - a Brief History

There has been bird ringing in the CHOG recording area since 1956, the first year systematic recording began. The late Frank Clafton was a qualified ringer when he undertook the first annual survey, and there were soon other ringers and enthusiastic trainees to join in. At first, A-permit ringers used their own personal ring stocks, and C-permits used rings belonging to their registered trainer. The annual totals were difficult to compile and it was hard to keep track of recaptures and recoveries.

In 1961 the situation became resolved when the BTO gave CHOG the status of "Ringing Station", a title one step below "Bird Observatory". The requirements were that only Christchurch Harbour Ringing Station rings be used in the harbour recording area, and a secretary holding an A-permit had to be in overall charge of the ring stock and record keeping. Although the designation of 'ringing station' has now been dropped from the BTO's scheme of categorisation, CHRS is still just that to generations of ringers who have passed through it.

To date, almost 50 000 birds of 121 species have been ringed.

John Morgan